Your brain's happier when it doesn't have to wait.

Your brain is a smart organizer. It knows exactly what you need to be happy and turns all that data into a plan. A plan where everything has its rightful place, and time. Long waits mess up this plan and irritate your brain. SpotSaver helps you avoid long waits and keeps your brain happy every day.

SpotSaver makes your favorite places wait-free.

SpotSaver knows the places you love visiting and helps you get there without the hassle of waiting. With SpotSaver,
you can make life as fast, smooth and happening as you want it to be.
Just download it.

SpotSaver's a lot like you.

Easy Going



How to get going with SpotSaver.

Step 1: Where to?

Your favorite bakery. The bank. That cool neighborhood store. Wherever. Look up where you want to be.

Step 2: Grab your spot

Found it? Now save your spot while you're sipping that coffee, walking your dog or even chilling at home. It’s that fast and simple. Oh, and you have two options. Save a spot in a current line or book a spot in a later one.


Step 3: Incoming

Your phone will beep. Maybe it’s your boss, your mom or your date. Or, it could be the QR code that will open doors for you.

Step 4: Scan and Voila!

Now the only thing between you and that interesting looking blueberry cheesecake is your phone. Hold it up for the QR code to do its trick. And boom, you’re in.

It began while we were waiting.

We hated waiting at places as much as you, maybe even more. We had things to do and we’re sure all those people did too, particularly the ones trying to sneak up ahead. Yeah, we saw you! So, we decided to act rather than wait. We researched, planned, designed and created SpotSaver. We’re feeling a lot better now, not having to wait at all. We hope you will too.

This is us.

We’re a team where skills and abilities come in all shapes and sizes. The ideas too. But however different we may be, the reason we enjoy collaborating is our shared love for making things better for everyone.

Abby Ispahani

Founder and CEO

Sergey Sukov

Customer Success Engineering
& Insights at PayPal

Valerie Osler

Managing Director of Alpha
Global Travel Services LLC

Lauren Nelson

Sr. Manager, Business Insights at
Oracle NetSuite

Eleanor Nesbit

Product Designer II at Redfin

Gaurav (Rav) Mendiratta

Founder and CEO
Socio Digitech Inc.

Daniel Suarez

Vice President of Sales
Strategic Accounts at Radisys Corporation

Sasi Parthasarathy

Founder and CEO

Kangan Kapoor

The Digital Foundry

Why wait now to end the wait? Download now.

Imagine life, if you could get to every place that’s on your mind without any delay. If you could spend time doing a hundred different things, not waiting with a hundred different people. That’s what SpotSaver is all about. Making your life smoother, better, faster. Don't wait now to take waiting out of your life, get SpotSaver right away.