Your customers won’t need to wait. Your growth won't need to either.

SpotSaver Customer Management & Analytics System

Dread days when you have more customers around you than you can handle? SpotSaver’s efficiency-driven platform will enable you to utilize virtual queuing capabilities to make life easier, smoother and faster not just for the customers visiting your store or business, but even the employees and managers handling your customers.


See control, not crowds.

Intelligent Queue Management

SpotSaver is unique in the sense that it allows both the customer and the business to gain a better experience with a single app. With SpotSaver’s intelligent cross-functional integration, a business can involve all its levels – from top tier to middle management to store staff – in improving customer flow management and increasing customer satisfaction within its environment. Furthermore, with state-of-the-art virtual queuing capabilities and data analytics combined with single-point functionality – no devices are needed other than a phone – SpotSaver ensures a holistic and hassle-free way to an optimal customer experience.

Ends waiting.
Encourages distancing.

A Safe and Healthy Customer Experience

By eliminating the need to wait in long lines and facilitating smoother customer management, SpotSaver enables you to offer your customers a safer in-store environment in a world where social distancing is the norm.

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