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SpotSaver is looking for folks with skills, drive and yes, a great attitude to help us get to our goals without delay. Needless to say, when SpotSaver grows without the wait, so will your career. Interested? We have a few spots which won't wait for very long. So apply now.


Abby Ispahani – Founder & CEO

Abby Ispahani is the Founder and CEO of the WOC-owned SaaS company – SpotSaver. Abby has always had an interest in technology and particularly, its potential to streamline everyday activities. Her exposure to the long queues and social distancing restrictions during the start of the pandemic inspired her to harness technology in creating a community-focused solution that would help decrease long wait times and crowds in a dynamic, effective and affordable way.

Having grown up abroad experiencing many different cultures, Abby developed an interest in social justice and societal issues. While studying sociology at Colorado College, she took a documentary filmmaking course that opened her eyes to the important role film plays in enabling social change. Abby has been the Executive Producer on the film Miss India America and Project Manager of the Emmy-nominated documentary Meet The Patels. Now, with her role in tech, Abby hopes to continue doing work that betters people’s lives through their phone screens rather than the big screen.